Basic Requirement for Securepoint Security System 2007nx

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Basic Requirement for Securepoint Security System 2007nx

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Securepoint Security System 2007nx requires a PIII or better processor and at
least 256 MB of RAM. More RAM or a faster CPU is better and depends of the user
number and which services on system should be used.
For example virus scanning for HTTP needs a fast CPU and much RAM.
You will need three ethernet network cards. The permanent storage in the server
could be a flashdisk (512 MByte) or a harddrive.
For more informations on hardware please refer to the whitepapers.

The network cards have the following order:

eth0 - first NIC, leads to Internet
eth1 - second NIC, leads to internal Network
eth2 - third NIC, leads to DMZ 1
ethn - n NIC, leads to DMZ n