New Version 2007nx P1

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New Version 2007nx P1

Beitrag von oliver »

Dear all,

we like to announce a new image of version Securepoint Security Suite 2007nx

The following changes were made:

- fixed GRUB bootloader to handle irq polling in conjunction with Intel gigabit
nics (thanks to Mr. Goeres who pointed us to the problem).

- usb keyboard support.

- fixed the restart of ipsec daemon in conjunction with dsl reconnection.

For all Users with existing installations should reinstall the system or wait till
the patch will released. If you can't wait for the patch but don't want to loose
the existing configuration, please go the following way:

- export existing configuration to you local computer
- reinstall the system
- connect with Security Manager to default ip (
- import configuration
- set imported configuration to start-configuration
- reboot the system

Oliver Hausmann
Securepoint GmbH
best regards

oliver hausmann
Securepoint GmbH