Securepoint Server Installation

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Securepoint Server Installation

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If you ordered an appliance the software is preinstalled. You can jump to
point "Wizard base installation".

Please note, When you install the software on a PC, all previous data will
be lost. The installation program will format the whole harddisk or flashdisk.

Installation from CDROM/USB:

The easiest type of installation is from CDROM. If you don't have a CDROM,
but can boot from USB, you could create a bootable USB stick with an image
from the CDRDOM (folder: images/). Under Windows, you can use the ImagingTool
(folder: programs/) to transfer the image on the USB stick. Under Linux/Unix
you can use dd (see manual pages dd).Please note, the ImagingTool or dd will
destroy all the data on your USB stick.

After the CDROM/USB stick booted on your server hardware, the installation
program will guide you through the procedure. After the system is installed,
the Securepoint server starts immediately. A reboot is not necessary.You have
to plugin the eth1 inferface on your network and start the wizard on you
Windows workstation.