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spDYN settings for sagemcom (sunrise's ADSL box)

Do 10.10.2019, 10:56

Cannot figure out correct spDYN custom settings settings for this box and the user manual does not help (User manual p 35).
Username and hostname are both set to the host entry and the password is the token value for the host entry to be updated.
Looks like the custom server settings are incorrect. Can anybody help ?
Custom server settings are set as follows:
- Server: https// (removing https:// or replacing by http doesn't help)
- Port: 443 (changing to 80: no change)
- Request:<domain>&myip=<ipaddr>
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Re: spDYN settings for sagemcom (sunrise's ADSL box)

Fr 11.10.2019, 09:24

Looks good as far as I see it. What are the Logs saying, when you try to connect?
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